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Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles' Tesla Tap

Zero Motorcycles' Tesla Tap

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The Tesla Tap Mini is a compact, versatile adapter designed to unlock access to an additional 40,000 Tesla Destination Chargers, UMCs, and Wall Connectors in North America. This accessory is not compatible with the Tesla Supercharger network but opens the door to thousands of additional charging points, significantly enhancing the charging infrastructure available to Zero riders and underscoring the company's commitment to leading the electric mobility revolution. US-Built EV Friendly: Designed to be compatible with any US electric vehicle and charges at up to 60 AMPS @ 250VAC (15 kW)

Compatible with:
SDS models w/charge tank installed- S || SR (pre-2022) || DS || DSR
FST models - SR (2022-current) || SR/F || SR/S || DSR/X

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