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Zero Motorcycles

Quick Charger

Quick Charger

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The 96 volt Quick Charger can be used either for motorcycle quick charging or off-board power pack charging of compatible 2013-current Zero Motorcycles.

This kit contains one 96 volt Quick Charger and a charge cord.


Motorcycle Quick Charging

One Quick Charger provides an additional 1 kW of charging capability. When used with your motorcycle’s integrated charging system, this approximately doubles the amount of energy flowing to the power pack during charging. As a result, the charge time of a Zero motorcycle is reduced by around 50%. To charge even faster, multiple Quick Chargers can be purchased and used with a Quick Charger Y Adapter to reduce the charge time further.


Off-board Power Pack Charging

The Quick Charger can be used to charge power pack modules when removed from the motorcycle. The ZF2.8, ZF3.3, or ZF3.6 Power Pack Modules, used with the Zero FX, Zero FXS, and Zero XU motorcycles, require the Power Pack Module Charging Adapter when the power packs are charged off-board.


This is the North American version - please contact us if you need the Europe, UK, South Africa, or Hong Kong versions.


Compatible with:
XMX models - FX || FXS || FXE
SDS models - S || SR (pre-2022) || DS || DSR


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