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Hand Grip

Hand Grip

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Replacement hand grip. Handlebar end caps not included. If you dropped your bike, consider some drop bars or hand guards for the next time!


The pre-2022 SR/F and SR/S models came in Standard and Premium trims. Standard trim did not include heated grips and shared the same hand grips as the XMX and SDS models. Premium trim included heated grips. All 2022-current FST models come equipped from the factory with the heated grips.


Regular grips:
XMX models - FX || FXS || FXE
SDS models - S || SR (pre-2022) || DS || DSR
FST models - 2020-2021 SR/F Standard || 2020-2021 SR/S Standard

Heated grips:
FST models - 2020-2021 SR/F Premium || 2020-2021 SR/S Premium || 2022-current SR || 2022-current SR/F || 2022-current SR/S || DSR/X

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