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FX/FXS Racing Stripe Decal

FX/FXS Racing Stripe Decal

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An OEM racing stripe decal to replace the ones on your side plates. You can also just slap it on your helmet, binder, or wherever you want to rep your bike!


Racing stripes were stock equipment for the below models/model years (models outside of these years were not equipped with this decal style):

2019 FXS - Solid black, no lettering
2020 FXS - Teal with "FXS" lettering
2020 FX - Tan with "FX" lettering


*NOTE: If you are using the 2020 model year decals in a spot other than your side plates, remember that the right and left decals are not identical. The "FXS" is angled upward ( / ) for the right-side. It is angled downward ( \ ) for the left-side. The right-side decal is the one pictured.


Contains 1 pc.

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